PDF Invoice Maker for Google Sheets™

  • Free to use, unlimited customers, unlimited invoices
  • Ideal for freelancers and small business
  • Make your own invoice
  • Downloadable free invoice template
  • Contact address book
  • Generate and email a PDF invoice to your customers
  • Setup html signatures for your emails
  • Setup reoccurring invoices to be sent automatically
  • Create and restore templates
  • Keep track of sent and paid invoices
  • Resend unpaid invoices
  • Your own currency and date formatting
  • Customise the email subject
  • Customise the email body
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Using Google Sheets™ and Gmail™ you can create and email PDF invoices to your customers quickly and easily.

  • How to email an invoice
  • How to mark an invoice as paid
  • How a customer sees the invoice

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Google invoice generator

Google Sheets is a part of the Google Docs suite.

It allows you to create and edit spreadsheets online.

You can use Google Sheets to create and send invoices to customers by using a template or creating your own.

To use a template, you will need to have a Google account and be signed in.

Once you are signed in, you can access the Google Sheets template gallery by going to the “File” menu and selecting “New” and then “From Template”. Look for “invoice” and select a template that suits your needs. You can then customise the template with your own information and send it to your customer.

You can also create your own invoice template by starting a new spreadsheet and adding the necessary information such as company name, address, and contact details, invoice number, date, and the products or services sold with their respective prices.

You can use formulas to calculate the total amount, taxes and grand total. Once the invoice is ready, you can share it with your customer via email or export it as a PDF.


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What types of invoices can be generated?

GS Invoice can generate a variety of invoices for small to medium business

  • Website design and website hosting invoices
  • Travel agency invoices
  • Electrician invoices
  • Medical invoices
  • Product inventory invoices
  • Hotel bill invoice
  • Landscaping invoice
  • Gym membership invoice