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Initial Setup

Installing GS Invoice for the first time? Follow these instructions.

  • How to make a copy of the spreadsheet
  • How to install the add-on
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Setting up Locale, Time Zone & Date Format

  • Setup location
  • Setup timezone
  • Setup date format
  • Setup currency format
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Settings Options

  • An overview of the settings available on GS Invoice
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Tax Settings

  • I show how to setup TAX such as GST, VAT.
  • How to set the different rates of tax eg 0%, 10%, 15%.
  • How to calculate the invoice with tax inclusive or exclusive.
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How to setup a HTML Signature

  • How to create HTML signatures from scratch or from Gmail
  • How to use an existing html signature
  • Basic HTML coding examples
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Copying from other Google spreadsheets

  • Copying between Google spreadsheets can cause format and #REF! errors
  • A solution to this problem is to copy the sheet to an existing sheet before copy and pasting.
  • This video explains the method in more detail
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Customising the invoice template

  • How to change logo
  • How to edit invoice details
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Unsent Invoices

  • How to download an invoice
  • How to send a test invoice
  • How to send an invoice via email
  • How to process an invoice without sending an email
  • How to schedule an invoice to send at a later date
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Sent Invoices

  • How to download a sent invoice
  • How to send a test email of sent invoice
  • How to send a sent invoice via email
  • How to mark a sent invoice as paid
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Paid Invoices

  • How to download a paid invoice
  • How to send a test email of a paid invoice
  • How to resend a paid invoice
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  • How to create a template
  • How to restore a template
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Import Templates

  • How to import a template
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